Women's Club

The St. Margaret of Scotland Women's Club warmly invites all women to come join us!

The aim, goal, and object of the Women's Club is threefold: Spiritual, Social, and Charitable.

The members of the Club devote their time to the spiritual welfare of the Parish in Catholic social work, help maintain the appearance of the Church, and support charitable endeavors.

Events include: Arts and Crafts Show, Cookie Walk, Mother/Daughter/ Friend Breakfast, and Christmas Garage Sale.

Members also participate in the Mass of the Living, Graduation Party, McRest Dinner, Bake Sales, and Honor Guard of Club.  

Meetings are held at 7p.m. in the Parish Hall on the first Tuesday of the month in September*, October, November, January, February, March, April, and May.    *possibly 2nd Tuesday depending on Labor Day

Meeting in December is replaced by a Christmas Party and meeting in June is replaced by an Appreciation Dinner. Meetings are not held in July and August.     

Standing Committees include:  Membership, Hospitality, Press, Telephone, Altar Linen Care, Altar Vestments, Christian Service, Worship, Historian, Community Service, and Entertainment

 We welcome all women of our parish to attend our meetings and events! If you are interested in joining the Women's Club, join us at one of our meetings. 

Officers 2019-2020

President              Carol Nikonchuk 

Vice President      Sally Beghin

Secretary              Sue Kozak

Treasurer              Patty Groth

Board                    Paulette Bryant

                              Justine Pouttu   

                              Linda Wing